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  • How does htaccess passwd encryption work OR How can I . . .
    htaccess does not encrypt you probably mean htpasswd, which encrypts with UNIX's crypt() by default or do you mean the transport coding if htaccess is used with Basic Authentication, then there is no encryption at all
  • Password Protecting Your Pages with htaccess - Elated. com
    If it still doesn't work, check the path to your htpasswd file on the server - make sure the path specified in the AuthUserFile directive is correct Also make sure that both the htpasswd and htaccess files are readable by the Web server user (chmod 644 should do the trick for UNIX Linux FreeBSD servers)
  • htpasswd - Manage user files for basic authentication . . .
    Resources available from the Apache HTTP server can be restricted to just the users listed in the files created by htpasswd This program can only manage usernames and passwords stored in a flat-file It can encrypt and display password information for use in other types of data stores, though To use a DBM database see dbmmanage
  • encryption - How to Create an Encrypted Password - Unix . . .
    I want to know how can I create an encrypted password in Ubuntu 14 04 LTS Tried this: makepasswd --crypt-md5 password_here It did not work for me How to Create an Encrypted Password Ask Question Browse other questions tagged password encryption passwd or ask your own question asked 4 years, 4 months ago viewed 23,122 times
  • How do I do BASICAuth using . htaccess and . htpasswd? | OIT . . .
    If you would like to protect a subdirectory with a username and password that you supply rather than using the CAS authentication method you have two choices The first is to use the Password Protected Directories part of the control panel
  • Decrypt password created with htpasswd - Stack Overflow
    Yes you can You need to know which hash algorithm is used There are 4 possibilities: Crypt (ALG_CRYPT), MD5 (ALG_APMD5), SHA-1 (ALG_APSHA) and PLAIN TEXT (ALG_PLAIN) (not recmmended)
  • apache2 - . htaccess . htpasswd bypass if at a certain IP . . .
    htaccess htpasswd bypass if at a certain IP address Ask Question I know you can do something like this in the htaccess file: order deny,allow deny from all allow from 000 000 000 000 But if you add something along these lines: does it work? 0 Problem with path on using htaccess 1
  • encryption - How does openssl decrypt a password - Unix . . .
    3- If I encrypt my password with a hash using openssl passwd, and every time there's a random salt added to it, how does openssl decrypt it (or any other program for that matter)? Thank you password encryption openssl ssl

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