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  • CyberChef - GitHub Pages
    CyberChef encourages both technical and non-technical people to explore data formats, encryption and compression Why Digital data comes in all shapes, sizes and formats in the modern world – CyberChef helps to make sense of this data all on one easy-to-use platform How The interface is designed with simplicity at its heart
  • Trivy - GitLab
    Trivy (tri pronounced like trigger, vy pronounced like envy) is a simple and comprehensive vulnerability scanner for containers A software vulnerability is a glitch, flaw, or weakness present in the software or in an Operating System Trivy detects vulnerabilities of OS packages (Alpine, RHEL, CentOS, etc ) and application dependencies (Bundler, Composer, npm, yarn etc )
  • 在国内怎么快速打开github-简易百科
    大家对github网站都不陌生,因为大部分公司都是有海外专线的,所以打开海外的网站是没有问题的,但是自己家里是没有海外专线的。 所以下面给大家介绍怎么在不使用工具的情况下打开github网站。 查询域名对应的IP 这里很简单,打开github就需要解析域名对应的IP地址,github默认的解析IP,国内是
  • osint_stuff_tool_collection - GitHub Pages
    enter Github username and get detailed statistics of profile: languages, issues, forks, stars and much more Save pages from browser history, bookmarks, Pocket etc Save html, js, css, media, pdf and other files CyberChef: collection of more than a hundred online #tools for automating a wide variety of tasks (string coding, text
  • Alerts — Security Onion 2. 3 documentation
    You can click on values on the right to bring up the context menu to refine your search or pivot to other pages Context Menu ¶ Clicking a value in the page brings up a context menu that allows you to refine your existing search, start a new search, or even pivot to external sites like Google and VirusTotal
  • Free Cybersecurity Services and Tools | CISA
    As part of our continuing mission to reduce cybersecurity risk across U S critical infrastructure partners and state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, CISA has compiled a list of free cybersecurity tools and services to help organizations further advance their security capabilities This living repository includes cybersecurity services provided by CISA, widely used open source
  • Good First Issue: Issues for your first open-source contribution
    Your unofficial guide to doing dotfiles on GitHub lang: Sass stars: 1 25K last activity: 2 days ago 4paradigm OpenMLDB 10 issues OpenMLDB is an open-source machine learning database that provides a feature platform enabling consistent features for training and inference lang: C++
  • V2020信安渗透测试文章教程集合_安全文档_小迪渗透吧-提供最专业的渗透测试培训,web安全培训,网络安全培训,代码审计培训,安全服务培训 . . .
    收集 [ 34045 星] [1m] [Py] minimaxir 顽皮字符串大列表 “淘气”的字符串列表,当作为用户输入时很容易引发问题 [ 33101 星] [3m] hack-with-github awesome-hacking 骇客,渗透测试者和安全研究人员的一系列绝妙清单 [ 24868 星] [18D] trimstray 的书-的秘密知识 启发清单,手册,备忘,博客,黑客的集合,单行,CLI

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