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  • CDH 5 and Cloudera Manager 5 Requirements and Supported Versions
    Unless specifically excluded, Cloudera supports later updates to a major JDK release from the release that support was introduced For example, Oracle JDK 8u102 was released prior to CDH 5 9, but is supported in CDH 5 3 and higher because support for Oracle JDK 8 was added in CDH 5 3
  • Product Tutorials Third-Party Tools - CAST Highlight
    How to detect apps using Oracle’s JDK 1 8 (and others) at the portfolio level As you probably already know, Oracle announced a major change of their release and support rules for Java This article is not meant to explain how that’s going to work now, but long story short you’ll have to either a) update your JDK very fast; b) be exposed
  • セキュリティホール memo - 2022. 04
    Consolidated JDK 11 Release Notes (oracle com) Java 8 Release Highlights (java com)。Java 8 Update 331 (8u331)。 OpenJDK JDK 18 0 1 General-Availability Release (java net) OpenJDK Vulnerability Advisory: 2022 04 19 (openjdk java net) Welcome to OpenJDK 8 Updates! (OpenJDK Wiki)
  • How to read cdata in xml using java - ecocleansicilia. it
    Let's see the XML namespace syntax: Note, however, that some code conversion 1 To evaluate xpath in java, you need to follow these steps: Read XML file into org To specify a StreamSource, you may use a system ID or file name (using URI syntax), a java Follow this answer to receive notifications OfType() XML Parsers 0 - 64bi PL SQL

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