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  • Cryptography - Wikipedia
    The first use of the term cryptograph (as opposed to cryptogram) dates back to the 19th century—originating from The Gold-Bug, a novel by Edgar Allan Poe Until modern times, cryptography referred almost exclusively to encryption, which is the process of converting ordinary information (called plaintext) into unintelligible form (called ciphertext)
  • Basic Cryptography and Programming with Crypto API | Coursera
    Learn Basic Cryptography and Programming with Crypto API from University of Colorado System In this MOOC, we will learn the basic concepts and principles of crytography, apply basic cryptoanalysis to decrypt messages encrypted with
  • Forward secrecy - Wikipedia
    In cryptography, forward secrecy (FS), also known as perfect forward secrecy (PFS), is a feature of specific key agreement protocols that gives assurances your session keys will not be compromised even if the private key of the server is compromised Forward secrecy protects past sessions against future compromises of secret keys or passwords By generating a unique session key for every
  • PHP: PHP 4 ChangeLog
    PHP 4 ChangeLog Version 4 4 9 07 Aug 2008 Updated PCRE to version 7 7 Fixed overflow in memnstr() Fixed crash in imageloadfont when an invalid font is given
  • Glossary - Verify PCI Compliance, Download Data Security . . .
    If you are a merchant of any size accepting credit cards, you must be in compliance with PCI Security Council standards This site provides: credit card data security standards documents, PCIcompliant software and hardware, qualified security assessors, technical support, merchant guides and more
  • OWASP Mobile Security Project - OWASP
    The OWASP Mobile Security Project is a centralized resource intended to give developers and security teams the resources they need to build and maintain secure mobile applications Through the project, our goal is to classify mobile security risks and provide developmental controls to reduce their
  • Choosing Secure Passwords - Schneier on Security
    Choosing Secure Passwords As insecure as passwords generally are, they're not going away anytime soon Every year you have more and more passwords to deal with, and every year they get easier and easier to break
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